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Conference MarketingSBN Annual Conference

SBN’s Annual Conference is held in the fall of each year allowing your company to access to meet with nearly 400 independent travel professionals in one location. Sponsorship can include featured speaker presentation, panel participation, trade show exhibition and engagement session participation.

Our annual conference is popular with the SBN travel consultant members given the popularity of the destination and the convenience of the location. It’s a winning combination of travel consultants, suppliers and host agencies. Sponsorship space is now available for this year’s SBN conference.

Destinationals MarketingSBN Regional Meetings

SBN now offers a regional platform for suppliers to meet SBN’s Travel Consultants in a more personal setting. These two day meetings include training workshops, and trade show participation.

SBN’s 2015 Regional Florida Summit is one of the most attended attracting 100 travel professionals.

ChapterMeetings MarketingAccess to SBN Chapter Meetings and Events

SBN Travel Consultants rely on their chapter meetings to stay informed, connected, educated on current industry trends and remain knowledgeable on product development and new travel supplier offerings. With dozens of chapters in the SBN network, let us help you navigate where to spend your time and participation in these meetings which occur as often as monthly, every other month or quarterly.

Webinars BenefitsSBN Webinars

The SBN webinars are a platform for BDM’s to educate the SBN consultant network with a live online presentation. This is your opportunity to create training of your product/services and to showcase your unique offerings. A personalized note from you will be sent to the registrants as well as a follow up note.

AL BenefitsAgent Life Magazine Print and Digital

SBN’s flagship publication, Agent Life Magazine, has a mission to support the SBN travel consultant. This quarterly magazine gets your message directly into the hands of the business owner and seller of travel. With a shelf life of 3-4 months, SBN members use this magazine as a resource to improve their own business practices through technology advice, sales development articles, and marketing tips. Your agency can advertise with either full or half page coverage. Don’t miss coverage in our dedicated SBN Supplier Partner issue. Send your message to nearly 26,000 through print and digital distribution.

eNews MarketingSBN Member Newsletter

Statistic show 82% of the SBN members prefer to receive electronic communications, don’t miss showcasing your company in any issue. With open rates of over 47% and 10% click through rates on average your message will be seen. Distribution is to the entire SBN membership of nearly 1700 travel professionals. For more customized marketing opportunities please contact SBN’s VP of Sales & Industry Relations, Bob Duglin at RLDuglin@NACTA.com.


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