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ASTA offers a host agency program that caters to a variety of host agency partners including full service, cruise orientated, hybrid/ traditional store front, and franchise companies. ASTA offers an exceptional marketing communication program tailored to meet your recruiting goals.

ASTA Members have been in business an average of 16 years, are vetted through the membership application process, and adhere to a travel etiquette code of conduct. The association represent over 1700 travel consultants who specialize in a variety of markets including group business, luxury, river cruise, high end and inclusive resort sales. ASTA’s overall sales volume is estimated at 300 million dollars. Top suppliers such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Holland American Line, AMAWaterways, Celebrity Cruises along with the Fort Lauderdale CVB & Hawaii CVB are just some suppliers who find great value in working with ASTA.

With more than fifty percent of the membership identifying as fully independent, host agency membership in ASTA is a valuable resource for expanding your host agency network. ASTA members who join host agencies remain aligned to the host agency at a level of 92% according to ASTA’s survey annual report.

The minimum standards to qualify for this program are as follows:

  • You must have been in business as a host agency for at least one full year.
  • You must carry at least one million dollars in Errors and Omissions Insurance or require all independents to maintain their own current policies.
  • Your average sales volume per independent agent must exceed $10,000.00.
  • There are no unresolved complaints against your agency.
  • You support the development of the professional independent travel agent channel.
  • You are registered to operate as a host agency with all local, state and federal governments as required.
  • You do not have a "recruitment program" whereby consumers recruit other consumers into the network as a higher priority over supporting the career of the individual travel seller.
  • You do not offer a "Travel Agent Photo ID Card" for the purpose of consumers to obtain travel professional benefits.

For more information on what marketing opportunities ASTA can offer your host agency, please contact:
Bob Duglin, VP of Director of Sales & Industry Relations
Office Phone: 703-739-6829
Mobile Phone: 305-608-7001
Email: rlduglin@ASTA.com


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