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Winter 2016

As I reflect on our 2015 year, we accomplished quite a bit—including the launch of a brand new astasmallbusinessnetwork.org/ and hosting a record number of 427 SBN members at our annual conference in Kona, Hawaii, in November.

I’m most proud of the friendships that have resulted from the business interactions between members and suppliers, and staff and members, and those that have formed organically within the SBN community.

I’d like to recognize the efforts of Lisa Watson in bringing us a brand new astasmallbusinessnetwork.org/. She had the vision, creativity and talent to deliver to us a cutting-edge website where members can easily access and source information related to SBN announcements, programs and events. In particular, I like the feel of the website: It conveys a level of professionalism, yet invokes a friendly sense of community. The social media functions within the website will allow members to socially share out information from https://astasmallbusinessnetwork.org/, which will extend our reach and improve consistency of messaging.

The SBN Conference Kona scored an overall member satisfaction rating of 4.0. We’re pleased with this rating given the many moving parts of the four-day event, including 285 members participating in conference pre- or post-FAMs. Bob Duglin succeeded in having us all feel the “Aloha Spirit” throughout the conference. Thank you, Bob, for all of the efforts you put in to making our 2015 conference an unforgettable experience. Don McGahee worked after hours, on his weekends and evenings, to ensure registration pages operated smoothly and content was effectively communicated via the conference registration pages. We were also happy to have a few ASTA staff assist us onsite this year. It truly was a team effort!

I was fortunate to have some down time after the conference ended, and I stayed at the beautiful Mauna Lani Resort and Spa on Kona. It was a relaxing experience: The staff and service levels of this hotel were top-notch. I can’t wait to plan a return vacation to this extraordinary property. Mahalo to our Hawai’i Island CVB and Hawai’i Island Visitors Bureau friends, for being so welcoming and accommodating to SBN members and staff during their stay on Kona and the other islands.


Ann Chamberlin
President, SBN