Celebrity Cruises—committed to opening the world to its guests and helping advisors build their business—is proud to deliver a completely customizable, modern luxury vacation experience.

 Celebrity Cruises—committed to opening the world to its guests and helping advisors build their business—is proud to deliver a completely customizable, modern luxury vacation experience. Celebrity offers seamless vacation packages that include Flights by Celebrity, City Stay packages, transfers, shore excursions and the amenities within its Go Big, Go Better, Go Best pricing strategy.
“We put all these options together to give our guests a complete vacation package—not only an exceptional cruise vacation,” said Ron Gulaskey, Associate Vice President, National Account Sales & Trade Relations. “Adding amenities into the offering raises the price of the product and, importantly, the commission for the deserving travel advisors!”Celebrity is set to transform the cruise industry and how guests experience the world, starting with the most-anticipated ship to arrive in years—Celebrity Edge — and the May 2019 arrival of Celebrity Flora, the only ship designed specifically for Galapagos. Beginning in January 2019 and over the next few years, Celebrity will invest over half a billion dollars in fleet modernization programs to bring its Millennium and Solstice Class vessels to the Edge.

“Our modernization will bring stunningly redesigned accommodations, exclusive new sanctuaries for Suite Class guests at The Retreat Lounge and The Retreat Sundeck, luxuriously updated restaurants and lounges, and more! In Q1 2019 alone we will have redone the Celebrity Summit, Celebrity
Millennium and Celebrity Equinox,” Gulaskey said, adding that Celebrity is the highest-rated premium cruise line, 10 years running. “The Celebrity Revolution helps us deliver the consistent onboard experience guests look for across our fleet.”
There has never been a better time to sell Celebrity. From the Go BBB pricing to its various programs, travel consultants have more commission-earning power than ever. And Celebrity strives to make it easier to deliver high-touch personal service to clients. “We feel personalization is the key to leaving a lasting impression. We want to give our Trade Partners the best tools in the industry to accomplish this.” As advisors become more specialized and require deeper product knowledge, The
Celebrity Commitment (www.TheCelebrityCommitment.com) has been developed—a comprehensive one-stop shop for promotional and marketing materials. For ongoing development, there’s the Five Star Academy Training. Gulaskey absolutely loves Celebrity’s relationship with SBN. “The leadership is simply amazing, the direction they are going is on-target, the advisor members are serious about having the right training and learning all they can to grow their business. Together we’re shaping the industry to be more professional, more educated, more profitable. I just love being the trade relations contact for the brand; I meet so many super advisors along the way. “And SBN events are like a family reunion—without the crazy uncles I have in my real family reunions!”
Gulaskey appreciates that relationship and is proud of Celebrity Cruises being the SBN Premium Cruise Partner of the Year for three years straight. “We won’t let you down!”

The Secret is out About Celebrity Cruises

“By the end of The Celebrity Revolution, our entire fleet will have the same design essence and set exceptional new standards in cruising and enhance the way you experience the world. We’re grateful to our loyal guests and Travel Partners who continue to support our brand and know we will continue
to be the industry leaders in the premium cruise category. Celebrity is quickly becoming the absolute leader in buzz creation and is the best partner to the advisory community. “We will bring new cruisers to our SBN advisors and give them a great cruise experience to keep them coming back, over and over again.”