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Why should you become a member of your local ASTA chapter? The many benefits to being associated with ASTA and with your local chapter are neatly summed up in two words: Chapter Support. And while each chapter features different capabilities, locations, and demographics, they share in common a substantial list of ASTA member benefits—benefits you receive by being a part of your local chapter and attending chapter meetings.

ASTA Chapter Benefits

Enjoy networking and camaraderie. ASTA members love to exchange ideas with fellow travel consultants, and help one another to raise the bar on their professional standards and how to grow their business.

Meet with business development managers for local travel suppliers. Take advantage of these opportunities. Most BDMs do not have a way to connect with the virtual agent. By attending supplier-hosted chapter events, agents get to know their BDM face-to-face and learn how that BDM can support their business.

Build your travel product knowledge. Continue learning. Various ASTA Travel Supplier Partners are eager to connect personally with ASTA Travel Consultant Members to keep you current on their product, services, and certifications.

Learn about the latest ASTA membership benefits. Also, learn how to implement valuable ASTA programs into your travel business—another benefit.

Stay up to date. Be informed about the newest destinations, FAM opportunities, and industry news and alerts.

Gain access to business development seminars. Some chapters offer live social networking classes in which you could partake. These might help you learn how to build your ASTA OneSheet, set up a Facebook Business Page, or use e-mail marketing to grow your business, all through small-group, hands-on training hosted by your local Chapter Directors and fellow members.

Participate in site inspections at local venues. Various chapters host meetings at different venues, allowing you to experience a local property firsthand.

Be involved with your association. This is your opportunity to be involved with ASTA and contribute your ideas. ASTA is your community, and it’s an innovative, growing organization that is always open to new concepts.

ASTA members rely on local chapter meetings to keep them informed, get connected, become educated on current industry trends, and remain knowledgeable about product developments and new supplier offerings.

With nearly fifty chapters in the ASTA network, you can choose to attend any chapter meeting and stay connected with your own local chapter. Your chapter director will help you meet other like-minded travel consultants and as they welcome you to the ASTA community.