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Thank you for your interest in becoming a ASTA Chapter Director or Co-Director. Many of our chapter directors find this to be a very rewarding volunteer leadership position within the ASTA Small Business Network (SBN).

Rewards include:

• Added exposure with the ASTA membership
• Elevated status within ASTA
• Position of authority with local suppliers
• Opportunity to travel media exposure
• Network with other Chapter leaders
• Interaction with the ASTA staff
• Peer to peer with ASTA Chapter Presidents
• Invitations to attend two ASTA chapter conferences annually
• First notification of ASTA FAMs and Special Events
• Inclusion in Chapter Director Online Forum

ASTA chapter director/ co-director application process:

1. Contact ASTA’s Membership Services Manager, Jasmine Causey, at jcausey@asta.org for an application
2. Return completed application to Membership Services Manager.
3. The assigned Regional Director and Vice President of Sales and Industry Relations will invite you to a phone interview to review your application and qualifications.
4. If approved, you will receive a Chapter Director Agreement.
5. Sign and return the Chapter Director Agreement within two weeks to ASTA’s Membership Services Manager.