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So, look down at your desk.

Do you see a small rectangle device near you? I bet you do! We all have them: It’s called a cellphone. It’s typically an iPhone, Android or Samsung device. And no matter your brand, it’s almost always within easy reach.

These devices can do many things. In fact, having a mobile device just to text and talk is so “old school.” Consider it your phone office—out of the office! There are thousands of free or small-fee apps that will help you run your business while you are away from your desk.

Some Examples to Help You Get Started

Do you want to quickly transfer photos to a group? If you have an iPhone you can AirDrop them. You will need to be within a few feet of each person, however. If you are on a FAM and want to share photos, this is a quick method of exchanging images without needing to text or e-mail them. | https://www.imore.com/airdrop

Are you at a conference or trade show and amassing a collection supplier business cards? Quickly enter cards with CamCard. This is a huge time-saver: It allows you to take a photo of the card, and all information is easily entered into your contacts. | https://www.camcard.com/

 You can send personalized cards to your clients from your phone, using Ink Cards. | apphttps://sincerely.com/

Need to create an invoice? Check out Moon Invoice. | https://www.mooninvoice.com/

If you need to storage space to store items such as documents, photos or videos, among your options are iCloud (iOS), Google Drive or Dropbox. The advantage of these file programs is they can allow you to access material and have it stored in the “cloud.” They can be password protected and secure.

One of my favorite apps is called 1Password. This program can store all your passwords, so you can easily log into apps and programs. | https://1password.com/

The last app I would like to mention is Evernote. This works on all devices—mobile or desktop—and images, clips of web pages and PDF files can all be saved here. Notebooks can be saved offline for easy access. I use it to keep meeting and client notes handy. If a client calls and I am out of the office, I pull out Evernote and can access needed information quickly and securely. | https://evernote.com/

As travel advisors on the go, we have the opportunity to work smarter, not harder. Mobile devices allow us to be the best we can be—and ever-ready for our clients. Happy clients often turn into referring and returning clients.

Written by Lorene Romero, Sharp Tongued Consulting, SBN formerly(NACTA) Northwest Regional Director