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Start the new year with a new look! Update your ASTA Profile for a professional, current feel.

ASTA  One Sheets help clients—returning and potential—get a feel for who you are. One Sheets are a great way to share your qualifications and specialties.

“Do not rush your One SheeT,” said Lorene Romero, founder, Sharp Tongued Consulting, and co-chapter director, ASTA Small Business Network San Francisco Bay Area. “This can be used as a visual résumé. Make sure it’s polished; have several people provide you with feedback. This piece of paper could lead you to bookings, so you want it to show your best side.”

Don’t miss your opportunity! Romero offers ideas to get you started.

Get Personal

Create a short description of yourself, so potential clients could feel a personal connection. Showcase the qualities that set you apart from others—ways you go above and beyond. Include a professional headshot and your company logo. Make sure it’s clean and professional!

“Always put your best foot forward,” Romero advises.

Provide Contact Information

How could someone find you? Include your company website address and social media accounts.

Lose the Blank Spaces

You’re an expert in your field—yet leaving blank spaces on your One Sheet is unprofessional and may suggest you are less than experienced. Fill out all “About Me” boxes. Are there land packages you specialize in? Specific cruise lines? NOTE: If your One Sheet is incomplete, the new ASTA Small Business Network will be deactivating it from the member directory. Please check your One Sheet today—and update!

Offer Testimonials

Romero’s favorite tip: Add testimonials from happy clients. Testimonials are a great addition to your One Sheet—especially if you’re at a loss for what to include.

Ask clients to say something nice about you. Have them keep the testimonial short and to the point.

Keep It Fresh

“Any time you complete a certification or important training, be sure to update your One Sheet profile,” said Romero. “For example, if you become certified for a specific Hawaiian Island, make sure to add it and remove something that is older.”

Keep It Balanced

Romero notes your “About Me” boxes should compliment one another and provide a balance of your credentials and expertise. “If you have a Maui certification on the left side, place the Alaska certification across from it.”

Share Your Associations

Are you a member of chambers of commerce, travel groups or organizations? The bottom of the page should show your affiliations. Remember to include logos!

Get Started

Log into your SBN.com account.

Go to the SBN section.

Select My SBN One Sheet

The Benefits

The FindATravelConsultant.com ASTA Small Business Network consumer website provides a directory of ASTA profiles is a valuable way for members to receive additional business and online exposure.

You could also link your One Sheet as a PDF on your website, or attach it to a proposal.

Written by Cassie Westrate.