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Celebrity Cruises Partners with Malala Fund

Celebrity Cruises recently announced a two-year partnership with Malala

Fund—an endeavor that seeks to bring awareness to the social and economic impact of girls' education while empowering girls to raise their voices, unlock their potential and demand change. Celebrity Cruises CEO Lisa Lutoff shares the story.

What inspired Celebrity's partnership with Malala Fund?
Celebrity Cruises and Malala Fund share a commitment to diversity, inclusion and gender equality. Their work advances one of our company's key philosophies: that education is a great equalizer, providing opportunities to people who need it most.
This was a natural fit, as we share the same passion and commitment to an incredible cause. We believe in opportunities for all, especially as our crew members onboard represent more than 50 different cultures as well as amazing stories of achievement, education and economic advancement.

We could not think of a better guiding light to our crew and guests who sail onboard than Malala, with her global reputation as a crusader for girls worldwide. And as the youngest United Nations Messenger of Peace and Nobel Laureate, she is a powerful role model for all.

We are deeply honored to name Malala the Godmother of Celebrity Edge, and we're excited to team up with her and the Malala Fund to champion the global right to education

What do you hope to accomplish through your partnership with Malala Fund?
Malala Fund's mission is to secure 12 years of safe, free, quality education for every girl. Our contribution is through financial support and by helping raise awareness about the 130 million girls worldwide who do not have access to education. Malala Fund will utilize the funds toward existing and new initiatives worldwide. Additionally, Celebrity Cruises staff, crew and guests are invited to join us in contributing to the cause.

How can the travel advisor community support this partnership?
We would love to have the travel advisor community join us in supporting this amazing cause. We invite you to talk about it, spread the word and invite others to join us in getting involved and donating.

Ours is a long-term commitment to a worldwide issue. Our goal is to open the world for these girls through education—and with Malala Fund, we know that we can do it together!

Visit www.celebritycruises.com for more information.
Visit www.malala.org/donate/celebritycruises to donate to Malala Fun.

Photo courtesy of Karen Kasmauski.