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A consistent consumer marketing message for every advisor.

If you found yourself in an elevator with a potential customer who’d never used a travel advisor—or seemed skeptical of doing so—what would you say? That elevator ride might only last 30, seconds so you’d better make it quick. And you’d better make it good.

Consider this succinct, creative sales pitch that most any advisor could use in everyday dialogue with new and existing customers. Help spread the travel word!

Why use a travel advisor? Smart, savvy travelers like you always use a travel advisor—and not only because they save you, the consumer, time and money.

A travel advisor effectively advocates for you and quickly solves your travel problems.

advisors have strong relationships and connections to help you within the complex travel supplier world.

Travel advisors provide you peace of mind through their expertise, exemplary service and reliability.;

advisors offer you choice, customized options and tailor-made solutions specific to you, the traveler.

Travel advisors offer complimentary benefits that could enhance your stay and offer you better value for your money.