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Lorene Romero

Create an Effective One Sheet

The SBN One Sheet is an exclusive branding tool for SBN member that is customizable, personal, and easy to create and use—a way to showcase who you are and what you provide for clients. Lorene Romero, SBN San Francisco Bay Area Co-Chapter Director and NW Regional Director, talks about how she uses the One Sheet for her travel business and offers advice on how to make it work for you.

What is the SBN One Sheet?

The SBN One Sheet helps travel consultants sell themselves and set their agency apart from others. It’s a great way for clients—returning and potential—to get a feel for who you are, and a great way to highlight your qualifications and specialties.

What’s the best way to get started—and what should be on the OneSheet?

Log into your SBN.com account, go to the MY SBN section, and select My SBN One Sheet. Create a short description of yourself, so potential clients feel a personal connection. Include your company logo and a professional headshot. Use the ten About Me boxes to showcase your credentials.

Include your affiliations and licenses. Include your Web address and Facebook page. Include your certifications and where you’re becoming certified. Are there land packages you specialize in? Do you specialize in specific cruise lines? List them. Do you have host advisors? Use their logos. Don’t leave any empty boxes! Include testimonials. I encourage advisors, when they don’t know what to put on their One Sheet, to ask clients to say something nice about them—and include it. The bottom of the sheet should show what you are affiliated with—chambers of commerce, program certifications, travel groups, et cetera. Include your national and local affiliations.

What are the benefits of a completed, readily available One Sheet?

The FindATravelConsultant.com SBN consumer website provides a directory of SBN member One Sheets and is a valuable way for members to receive additional business and online exposure. You could also link your One Sheet as a PDF on your website, or attach it to a proposal. Please use me as a resource; I can review your One Sheet, before you make it visible to your clients. Remember: Do not publish your One Sheet until it’s fully completed. You don’t benefit from posting incomplete information.

What should everyone know about the One Sheet?

Take the time to fill it out. For those who may not be tech savvy, it’s a simple template to use. You can even create various One Sheets to send to clients as appropriate—for Hawai’i tours, wedding packages, et cetera. It’s customizable, so you can create your own message and brand. You can print One Sheets and have them available as handouts for potential clients, tradeshows, or even your local BDM. The One Sheet is a powerful branding tool for SBN members: It’s time for you to reap the benefits.

To have Lorene Romero review your One Sheet before publishing, or to request a One Sheet cheat sheet, please e-mail SBNonesheet@gmail.com.

Written by Amy L Charles.