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Members asked for it. You got it!

A new benefit to NACTA members is a series of videos, rolling out throughout the year. Once available, these videos may be viewed on demand.

At the NACTA 2016 Conference, during the business development workshop series, Lisa Watson, NACTA Director of Marketing and Communications, presented on branding and graphic design for independent travel consultants.

The workshop helped independent travel advisors understand the brand of their travel business, and showed how to build their travel business brand through graphic design. With the success of this workshop and the request for more educational content on marketing, graphics and social media, NACTA decided to create a marketing video library for NACTA members.

Marketing your business on social media can be confusing and intimidating—and it needs to be timely. Because most owners and entrepreneurs have neither a marketing department nor direct access to marketing resources for their travel businesses, NACTA members are eager to learn more detail and direction about social media and how it could benefit them. NACTA wants to continue providing value to its membership via benefits, and these additional marketing resources could help members strengthen their businesses.

NACTA will cover a wide variety of marketing topics, from tips on creating graphics for your Facebook and Pinterest posts to branding your business. Among other topics will be a series on marketing your business on Facebook: the difference between boosting a Facebook post and creating an ad on Facebook, how to make a great first impression without saying a word, tips on directing further traffic to your website and more.

Videos will be presented by Watson, who will do more than just talk. “I’m going to show how to do the various topics. When I watch marketing videos, I’m tired of being talked at and told how and what to do on Facebook, or what type of graphics to post,” Watson said.

“I want to show members how to create a graphic on Canva—and show them how to read their Facebook insights page!” Watson will have a step-by-step process or a visual on how to act on specific talking points, and plans to get to the heart of the “how to” in her videos.

“This will set our marketing library series apart from the other travel business videos.”

Members could use these videos to help expand their marketing skills to grow their business.

“With a short clip, you can watch the topic of your choice—rather than sitting in an hour’s worth of information before getting to the topic you need. Watch a video a day, or just once a week! These 10- to 25-minute videos are packed with valuable information for your travel business.”

NACTA members may access the video library in the NACTA member website, under Marketing Tools or NACTA Benefits. Nonmembers have access to a limited library of videos on the NACTA Channel on YouTube. To access the full video clips library, you must be a NACTA member.

Written by Amy L Charles.