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Shhhh: It’s a secret! A secret SBN group page on Facebook, that is. SBN members now have exclusive entrance to the Inside Access – Members Only closed group on Facebook.

SBN initially began testing the Inside Access – Members Only group with 50 SBN members, and quickly found the page to be a useful channel of information for SBN members.

Inside Access – Members Only allows members to receive instant updates on SBN events and promotions. They are also able to access series of marketing tips, which includes some short-clip videos. The exclusive group will be moderated by the SBN team. Only active SBN members will be approved to join this secret Inside Access – Members Only group. Because travel suppliers will not have access to it, members don’t have to worry about being solicited through the Inside Access – Members Only page.

Inside Access – Members Only Features

Interaction: Use this page for additional interaction within the SBN community and access to the SBN staff.

Marketing Tips: Visit the page for quick marketing tips for your travel business, including video briefs.

SBN Benefits: Know your SBN benefits and how to use them to build your travel business.

SBN Events: Be among the first to know about FAM and conference invitations and promotions.

SBN Featured Supplier: Learn about new SBN-approved travel suppliers.

SBN Updates: Learn what’s happening in SBN—now.

SBN Webinar Updates: Get the scoop on upcoming SBN webinars.

Remember: The Inside Access – Members Only group does not substitute for the SBN advisor Digest. Please refrain from posting your travel-related questions on this page, and continuing using the NAD for this purpose.

As a member of SBN, you are eligible and welcome to take advantage of this communication platform. SBN wants you and your business to get the most out of your SBN membership.

Become Part of Inside Access – Members Only

Your membership matters at SBN! If you are an active SBN member who is not yet part of the exclusive, closed Inside Access – Members Only group, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/SBN/ and make your request to join the insiders.