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As travel professionals, we always look for some way to stand out in the crowd. One way to do so is by creating eye-catching photos and videos that allow your clients to see and experience a destination or property you’ve recently visited. You have the ability to do this on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop—and it has never been easier.

Consider the following apps and what they might do for your business.


Turn Every Photo into Art

Prisma (free for Android and iOS) transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists—Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan—and world-famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art pieces. | http://prisma-ai.com


the ultimate photo app

Camera+ (iOS only, from $2.99) helps you use your iPhone to shoot the best photos possible. Packed with several handy features your standard camera app doesn’t include, Camera+ will improve your pics the right away. The iCloud Lightbox feature lets you automatically sync your Camera+ photos between all of your devices. Shoot on your iPhone—then edit via iPad. Photos you take automatically pop-up on your iPad, so you could easily take advantage of the larger screen and advanced editing features of Camera+ for iPad. | http://camera.plus


Create beautiful designs from thousands of professional templates

Canva wants to empower the world to design, and makes graphic design easy for everyone. Get started free, via iOS and Web. The apps allows you to choose from hundreds of professional templates to create social media graphics, presentations, fliers and more. | https://www.canva.com


Make great videos. Easily.

Animoto (from $8 per month) makes it easy for anyone to create powerful, professional videos—for business, fun and just about everything in between. | https://animoto.com

Google Photos

One home for all your photos—organized and easy to find

An additional consideration: Make sure your videos and photos are backed up and stored somewhere other than your mobile device alone. If you have a Gmail account, a backup system is at your fingertips. Google Photos is a smarter home for your photos and videos, made for how you take photos today. It lets back up photos and have access to them at any time. | https://photos.google.com

While there are many options available to you, try these for a spin. Let your artist soul come out. Play with the various features, post on your social media accounts, and watch for the “likes” to happen.

By Lorene Romero, NACTA NW Regional Director