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The ASTA Small Business Network (formerly NACTA), was established in 1986 as the original association with a mission to represent the interests of the individual travel consultant, and now has expanded to all professional sellers of travel. ASTA Small Business Network host travel agencies and suppliers support this growing distribution channel.

ASTA Small Business Network represents the interest of the independent Travel Consultant and the greater Travel Consultant community. The association’s role is to focus on the development of the travel consultant through its educational programs designed for our valued members. In addition, offering many member benefits such as health care insurance, discounts on office supplies and more through our affiliate program. Our overall objective is to enhance and secure the success of the professional travel consultant.

The ASTA Small Business Network (formerly NACTA) is the foremost Travel Industry Association dedicated to providing the finest education, training, networking and representation in support of Career Travel Consultants.

Our Suppliers and Host Agency partners find ASTA Small Business Network members to have a professional reputation and are highly regarded as the best professional sellers of travel of this sector. We provide an exceptional forum not only for members to network with each other but also for members to build relationships with NACTA’s strategic supplier partners.

ASTA Small Business Network is a wholly owned affiliate of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Advisors. ASTA and NACTA, while separate associations, work to protect and enhance the entire retail distribution channel.

You belong with ASTA Small Business Network if you are looking for a premium association that represents the best travel professionals. When you decide to join, simply complete the on-line application or contact your local ASTA Small Business Network Chapter Director.

Dues to ASTA Small Business Network are not deductible as charitable contributions. They may, however, be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses except for the portion used for industry lobbying. We estimate that 3% of your dues will be used for non-deductible industry lobbying on your behalf.